API v2 is released! API v2 is released!

API v2 is released!


We have pretty amazing customers doing awesome things. ISPs, web hosting providers, online security experts, and many more disciplines rely on our Dynamic DNS service, DNS management, email hosting and system monitoring services to help them reach their goals. Our API lets them do this automatically, keeping distractions from the work being done to a minimum. We are proud to release API v2 which makes integrating our service to your infrastructure never easier.


What is an API?

API stands for application programming interface and it is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. APIs are used by software applications in much the same way that interfaces for apps and other software are used by humans.

Application: These can be apps that you use on your smartphone or a software program that you use.
Programming: Developers use APIs to write software.
Interface: How you interact with the application.

Why use APIs

APIs allow developers to coordinate with stakeholders to update agency systems and therefore generate more potential. With APIs, computers rather than people can manage the work. Through APIs, agencies can update workflows to make them quicker and more productive. When access is provided to an API, the content generated can be published automatically and is available for every channel. It allows it to be shared and distributed more easily. Through APIs any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most.

5 things you should know about APIs

To recap,

1. Developers work with APIs to create software and apps.
2. APIs operate as a gate, allowing companies to share information but also keeping unwanted requests out.
3. Businesses are built on APIs.
4. API means automation.
5. APIs need authentication.

To use our dynamic DNS service or DNS hosting service and make it available to your users directly, Start the API integration today!

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