What happens after a domain name expires? What happens after a doma...

What happens after a domain name expires?


Once a domain expires, it goes through three periods that make it increasingly difficult (and more expensive) to renew.

Domain Name Expired

Renewal Grace Period

Once the domain name expires, it will no longer be in use as the name server records are changed into the registrar's parked name server records. Registrants will lose control over the domain name's DNS records, which means that the website, email service or any other service related to the domain name can no longer be used.

The renewal grace period usually lasts up to 30 days for .com, .net, .org extensions. During the 30 days of its expiration, you are allowed to renew the domain name without additional charges.

Redemption Period

If the domain name is not renewed during the renewal grace period, it will then enter into redemption period which lasts from 2 weeks to 30 days. At this time, you are still allowed to renew the domain name but at an additional cost ($60-$100).

It’s important to note that during the redemption period, domains may be put up for auctions, where another party can bid on your domain name. If the domain is won by someone else in an auction, you will not be able to renew the domain name any more.

Domain Released

If a domain is not redeemed by the original registrant and is not purchased at auction, the domain is then returned to the market and can be registered again on a first-come, first-served basis. At this time, anyone can register the domain name including the original registrant.

Not renewing your domain name on time not only costs you cash, but also your brand name and reputation. Forgetting to renew a domain name happens to individuals as well as big corporations. Microsoft's registration of the domain name hotmail.co.uk expired on 23rd October 2003, and was immediately purchased by an anonymous individual. The purchaser contacted Microsoft to make arrangements to transfer back the domain. However, it appears that Microsoft largely ignored the purchaser until contacted directly by the registrar.

Here are some tips to keep your domain name up to date at all times:

  • Enable auto-renewal and have a valid payment method in your account. We will renew your domain name automatically if both criteria are met
  • Make sure that your account email address is up to date and can receive emails from the registrar. We send 4-5 reminder emails 30 days before your domain name expires.
  • Register your domain name for multiple years and leave the worries behind. You can sometimes get a discount as well if you register for multiple years.
Renewal mistakes are far from uncommon, but it can be avoided. Enable auto-renewal today and have a peace of mind!

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