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Web Redirect

We provide you with techniques to receive website visitors whether you host your own web server or host your website on a public space. Using this feature, you will be able to accomplish a professional outlook for your website as well as customize various aspects of your website. You can create multiple web redirects using different aliases of your domain name to get the most from your domain name as well.

URL Forwarding

This feature allows you to redirect visitors of your website to any URL of your choice. For example, you could redirect visitors to a public blog or other resources.


http://blog.yourdomain.com Dynamic DNS Service Port 80 Forward http://www.someotherdomain.com/myblog

Port 80 Forwarding

Does your ISP block port 80? This feature allows you to host your website on a port other than port 80 and receive visitors normally. Our web redirect servers will forward visitors to your website hosted on a port other than port 80.


http://blog.yourdomain.com Dynamic DNS Service Web Redirect

MX Records

MX records are a set of hostnames associated with a priority number where emails for your domain name are delivered. As a Dynu member, you can have as many MX records as you like allowing emails to get delivered to secondary mail servers in case of an outage of the primary email server.


Aliases (A or CNAME records) are the same as subdomains(e.g. www, ftp, smtp...). You can not only create these but also dynamically update the IP address of each alias using dynamic DNS client software. We would like for you to have the ability to make full use of your domain name as you see fit.

Custom Records

Do you need to implement DKIM for your email server? Are you considering combating SPAM using an SPF record? Do you have applications which use location based DNS records? To put it simply, we support virtually ALL types of DNS records and you may manage them using a simple to use interface. That's not all. We even provide support to use the dynamic IP within such records so you have 100% DNS coverage of your domain name. Some examples of DNS records are TXT, MX, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, MG, MB, LOC, SRV, KEY, SIG, RP and many many more.

Round Robin Support

Would you like to implement load balancing? Are you looking to ensure redundancy to your network? We have you covered with enterprise level round robin support. For example, you can point the 'www' alias of your domain name to 2 IP addresses to perform load balancing on two web servers. Visitors to your website will access either of the two IP addresses.

Wildcard Alias

We provide you with the convenience of wildcard alias which basically points all aliases which you have not created to point to the main IP address automatically. This essentially allows you to use sub-domains on demand effortlessly.

Offline Settings

Having a broken link gives a very bad impression and can result in loss of customers before you have had a chance to impress them with your well-designed site. This can easily be avoided by enabling offline messages or URLs. Regular visitors of your site will see a maintenance page with your offline messages or be redirected to an offline URL of your choice while you make changes to your site.


If you have lots of hostnames in your account and want to update them more effectively, you can assign them to different locations. All hostnames mapped to the same location will be updated when the location parameter is used.

Backup & Restore

Safely create copies of your most important configurations, so you're always prepared for the worst.


We keep packing new features into our dynamic DNS service. Supported features include web redirect, wildcard alias, offline settings, most DNS records, locations etc.


Our full-featured dynamic DNS service with reliable name server infrastructure is the solution for you with over a decade of experience invested to ensure usage in various situations.

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