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Learn more about the benefits and move beyond the limits of your internet service provider.

You are using Dynu Dynamic DNS Service because your ISP provides you with an IP address that's constantly changing which makes it difficult for you to keep track of it. Resorting to a fixed IP address is possible, but the cost makes it not an ideal option. Why go through all those troubles if you can simply do it for free with Dynu?

You know that Dynu's full featured Dynamic DNS Service with reliable name server systems and intuitive web-based control panel is the solution for you. What you do not know is that there is so much more that the service can do for you.

Remote Access

You are a workaholic and you often bring your work back to home. When working at your workplace, you often run into issues where you need to access your home computer to get your documents and files.

You do not know the IP address of your home computer, even if you do, it is a pain in the neck to remember it. You use Dynu Dynamic DNS Service to give your home computer a hostname. From now on, you do not need to worry about leaving documents in your home computer and vice versa!

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Game Server

You are a huge video game fan and you want to host your own game server. You know that will give you convenience and save you money, but the most important is how cool you will appear among your gamer friends !

While it sounds like complicated, you will only know how easy it actually is when you get started. Start with signing up for a free Dynu hostname today !

Security Camera

You have many valuables in the house and you travel a lot. You are constantly worried that someone may break into your house. Though you have security camera installed in the house. You do not know how to access it outside the house network.

Dynu dynamic DNS service is where you start. Imagine that you can see what is going on in your house virtually from anywhere and be reassured all the time.

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FTP Server

You are managing a group of people located in different places and you have need to share documents among each other. Running a FTP server yourself is the best option as you have full control of when and where you want to upload your files.

Your team members can easily access the files you share among each other by using the free Dynu hostname you get for your server.

Website Hosting

You need a website either for personal use (blog, photo wall etc.) or for your business( official website, manager portal etc). Getting a third party hosting partner certainly saves you some trouble, but considering the lost of control and individuality, you decide to host a website on your own.

Hosting a website entails that your domain name is always mapped to the dynamic IP address of your web server. This is where Dynu can help you with.

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We keep packing new features into our dynamic DNS service. Supported features include web redirect, wildcard alias, offline settings, most DNS records, locations etc.


Our full-featured dynamic DNS service with reliable name server infrastructure is the solution for you with over a decade of experience invested to ensure usage in various situations.

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Choose from a variety of software, scripts and API based mechanisms to unobtrusively keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address at all times.