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by piklungleung on Sunday, April 19, 2020


I am having trouble setting up my time capsule so that I can access the hard drive connected to it over the internet.
Currently this is my setup :
1. NBN service (I'm from Australia and this is equivalent to broadband internet service) without static IP address
2. Apple Time capsule acting as a modem and router so it is connected using PPPoE not DHCP
3."Enabled file sharing" and "share disk over WAN" and "secured share disk with device password" all ticked.
4.Under internet options: configure ipv6 is link-local only and "use dynamic global hostname" is ticked. Under Hostname and username i typed "" and password I typed the shared secret in the MD5 algorithm.
5. I also added Port mapping with personal file sharing and for public UDC TCP Ports I put 80, private IP address I use the time capsule's ip address and private UDC TCP ports I put 548
6. I tried connecting to the time capsule over internet using my MacBook via Connect to server (afp:// and also a iOS app called fileexplorer pro using the same address and port, it just wouldn't connect through

Please tell me what I am missing. I have been trying for days and no hope.

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Monday, July 6, 2020 3:41 PM