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by Aaron Siegel on vendredi 3 juillet 2015


Currently I have two domain name with two different registrars I want to move them to one registrar, I have been wanting to do that for year but have not been able to time it correctly. Unfortunately they have just renewed for 2015. I would like to create a custom DNS configuration. I know I will need to do some research, this email is to see if my wants are viable.

I would like to create multiple sub domains that will provide dns resolution to my home dynamic ip and maintain the domain for my hosting service. For example home.siegel-tech.net and grandparents.siegel-tech.net will be the dynamic dns sub domains and the primary domain will be used for the hosting pain at pair network, which is a dedicated IP. I will contact pair for the zone configurations.

I have some servers at home.siegel-tech.net that I want to provide FQDNS for, can I set up bind to use the siegel-tech.net. Is this possible? I will learn what I need, I do not want to spend a lot time if this configuration is not possible.

Thank you
Aaron Siegel

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by timothytw on dimanche 5 juillet 2015

You can use the free dynamic DNS service to create sub-domains or even register each sub-domain for dynamic DNS service as a domain name. Then under that sub-domain, you can update dynamic IP as well use all the other features such as creating DNS records, web redirect etc.

Please use the following name servers for your domain name with your current domain name registrar:


If you tell us what sub-domains you are trying to setup, we can help you set them up to get you started.

If you have a static IP address, you can certainly host your own DNS server using Bind. You first have to create a name server with the domain name registrar. Once created, you can use that name server for your domain name to host DNS for the same.

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