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Would you like emails for your domain name forwarded to an existing email account? Save yourself the trouble of running an email server or maintaining too many email accounts! Email forward is a very simple service where you can receive all emails for your domain name to an existing email account. This consolidates all emails to a central location while giving you the freedom to publicize virtually any email address for your domain.

Simplify emails for your domain name!

Never lose any email again!
Create unlimited email addresses for your domain name!

Have your emails spam filtered and anti-virus scanned!

Email Forward Service

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How does it work?

Virtually all emails for your domain name are received by our email servers. Our email servers can forward these emails to external email accounts. Since you can receive all emails for your domain name, you can use any and all easy to remember email addresses under your domain name and still receive emails for it without having to do any setup.

How can it be set up?

Setup can be as easy as just signing up for the service. If your domain name is using our name server, our system automatically sets up the appropriate MX records. If your domain name is not using our name servers, you can add and as primary MX records for your domain name after signing up.

NOTE: Email service modes (Email Backup, Email Store/Forward and Email Forward) can be interchanged in the control panel at no additional cost. For example, if you sign up for 'Email Backup' service but later want to use 'Email Store/Forward' service, you can change this setting in the control panel at any time.