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Post Cannot open the Login Page Anymore
di Jesse Markx su giovedì 23 luglio 2015

cannot open "" anymore, due to my ISP.
ISP claims that they don't support inline cameras.

any walk around, suggestion would be appreciated.

for your record, I was able to access the page when ever required with my home desktop before after updating the IP everyday the update client

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Post Re: Cannot open the Login Page Anymore
di timothytw su venerdì 24 luglio 2015

We were able to reach the 'DVR remote management sytem' page using

If you do not want to type the port 88 every time, you may setup port forwarding in 'web redirect' section in the control panel to forward the traffic coming to port 80 to port 88.

Alias: Leave empty
Type: Port Forwarding
Hostname or IP address: Leave empty
Port: 88

After the setting above, you may access your remote management page by simply typing in the browser address bar.

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