Common reasons for a domain transfer to fail   Common reasons for a doma...

There are several common reasons why a domain registration transfer can fail.

Invalid Auth Code
The transfer may be denied because the Auth Code the applicant supplied does not match that of the current registrar. In this case, you need to obtain the correct Auth Code or generate a new Auth Code and reinitiate the transfer from the control panel.

60-day Lock
The domain name is in its first 60 days of the initial registration period, so your current registrar is denying the transfer request. You may contact your current registrar to remove the restriction. Otherwise, you can reinitiate the transfer in the control panel after the 60-day period has passed.

Status Prohibits Operation
Your domain name is locked with your current registrar. Unlock the domain name and reinitiate the transfer from the control panel.

Failure to Respond to Approval Email
The transfer failed because the registrant/admin failed to respond to the approval email. Disable domain WHOIS privacy and make sure that you have access to the admin contact email listed in WHOIS record. Then reinitiate the transfer from the control panel.

IPS Tag Change Needed
This applies to .uk,, domain names only. Once a domain transfer order is placed for these domain extensions, an IPS tag change is needed at the current registrar. If no change is done for 7 days, the transfer will fail.