Cisco Router 2851 Cisco Router 2851

Below is how to configure Cisco router 2851 via the Command Line Interface (CLI):

Cisco# configure terminal
Cisco(config)# ip dns server
Cisco(config)# ip name-server
Cisco(config)# ip name-server
Cisco(config)# ip ddns update method dynu
Cisco(DDNS-update-method)# HTTP
Cisco(DDNS-HTTP)# add
Cisco(DDNS-HTTP)# interval maximum 0 0 5 0
Cisco(DDNS-update-method)# interface dialer0
Cisco(config-if)# ip ddns update hostname
Cisco(config-if)# ip ddns update dynu
Cisco# debug ip ddns update
Note1: Interval = day, hour, minute, second
Note2: To insert the special character ? in the IP update URL, first you need to use the combination of Ctrl+v and then Shift+?.
Note3: Interface must be the one that receive the DHCP from the ISP.

If you still have questions about the configuration, you may refer to the IP update protocol page or contact support.