Create NAPTR record Create NAPTR record

Dynu gives you full control over all the DNS configurations for your domain names. You can log onto the control panel to manage your DNS records.

What is a NAPTR record?

Name Authority Pointer (NAPTR) records mapping of servers and user addresses in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The combination of NAPTR records with Service Records (SRV) allows the chaining of multiple records to form complex rewrite rules which produce new domain labels or uniform resource identifiers (URIs).

How to add a NAPTR record?

To add a NAPTR record in the control panel, you may follow these 3 steps.

Listing Item Step 1

Log into control panel, go to Dynamic DNS Service Icon DDNS Services   and click on your domain name.

Listing Item Step 2

Go to Dynamic DNS Service Custom DNS Records DNS Records   to add a NAPTR Record.

Node Name   Enter the subdomain name for the NAPTR record if you need to or leave it empty to create the NAPTR record for the root domain name. For example, discover.

Type   Choose "NAPTR - Name Authority Pointer".

TTL   How long recursive name servers should cache the information in seconds.

Order   Enter the order in which this particular NAPTR record should be processed.

Preference   Enter the preference in which this particular NAPTR record should be processed if more than 1 NAPTR records have the same order.

Flag   Choose the appropriate flag to ensure correct rewriting and interpretation of the fields of this record.

Services   Fill in the service parameters applicable to the delegation path. For example, E2U+sip.

Regular Expression   Enter the regular expression to be used when the U flag is to be implemented. This field should be left empty if the Replacement field is filled in. For example, !^.*$!!

Replacement   Enter the replacement hostname when S or A flags are used so that the appropriate next record can be resolved. This field should be left empty if the Regular Expression field is filled in.

NAPTR Record Dynu Dynamic DNS

Listing Item Step 3

Check if your NAPTR record has gone into effect using DNS Lookup tool. Enter as Hostname, and choose "NAPTR - Name Authority Pointer" as Type.

CNAME Record Dynu Dynamic DNS

When creating NAPTR Records, please note:

  • The Regular Expression and Replacement fields are mutually exclusive. It means that only one of the two fields can be filled in.
  • Only S, A, U and P flags are currently in use and are supported. More flags may become available if they are widely adopted and supported.